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Professional direct push soil sampling

Ace Dewatering Environment provides an industry-leading method of soil and water sampling by using the Geo-Probe Direct Push Technology. Direct push machines push drill tooling and sensors into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil to make a path for the tool. Geoprobe® direct push machines rely on a relatively small amount of static (vehicle) weight combined with percussion as the energy for advancing a tool string. Direct push tools do not remove cuttings from the probe hole but depend on compression of soil or rearrangement of soil particles to permit advancement for the tool string. Direct push tools are advanced as far as possible using only the static weight of the carrier vehicle. Percussion is applied as required when probing through sands, gravels, hard pans, high friction clays, tills, fill materials, and surface frost.

ADE utilizes Direct push to collect discrete soil and water samples. This means we're able to collect samples without worry of cross- contamination in your samples from other levels of the ground!

Discrete soil sampling

  • Monitoring Well Installation

  • Extraction Well Installation

  • Vertical Water Sampling

  • SVE Wells and Sparge Wells

  • Chemical Injection

  • Soil & Groundwater Sampling

  • Soil Boring and Soil Gas Sampling

  • Pre- packed Temp Well Installation

  • Air Rotary Drilling

Direct Push Sampling and Continuous Drilling Services include:

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