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Using industry-leading in situ injection trechnology, Ace Dewatering Environment excels at providing your property's soil and groundwater with an effective remedial treatment. Our remediation technologies for contaminated soils vary with the type and volume of contaminant, the location of the contaminated level, and the soil type.

The application of in situ remediation reagents has demonstrated considerable success and cost-effectiveness in treating a range of subsurface contaminating types. Chemical oxidation will remediate contaminants as long as the geology of the site will allow the chemicals to migrate to the areas of contamination. Chemical oxidation involves the addition of a chemical oxidant into a contaminated media to transform the hazardous constituents in soil into a less toxic valence state or compound.

Targeted, proven treatments

We recognize the safe and successful application of the chemicals require a proper understanding of your site's characteristics, the best delivery methods, application equipment, and monitoring methodology. Not all sites have the subsurface conditions that will allow for chemicals to move threw impacted areas where they are needed. Pilot test injections may be performed to gauge the receptiveness of the formation prior to the start of a project to gauge how effective chemical injections will be.

Treatment is tailored to your property

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