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manhole3 Well rehabilitation

Precision well rehabilitation

At Ace Dewatering Environment, we excel at rehabilitating wells. Whether your well requires treatment or physical reconstruction, our team is best equipped to handle the job. Well rehabilitation is the step taken when a well has deteriorated and decrease in yield or when sand and silt reaches unacceptable levels.

Your well may experience a deterioration in performance due to inherent characteristics of the aquifer which supplies water to the well, the design or construction of the well, water quality, or other environmental factors.

Causes of poor well performance

Some of the services we perform are:

  • Chemical Well Treatments

  • Brushing, Bailing, Surging and Jetting

  • Pump Installation, Removal and Repair

  • Well Pad Repair

  • Well Abandonment

  • Well Development

  • Test Pumping

Getting your well functional again

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We work in strict compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.

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