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At Ace Dewatering Environmental we firmly believe that the health and safety of our co-workers and clients are of utmost importance to us. Whether in the office or on site we are committed to creating an incident-free environment that complies with all Osha, Client and In-house safety procedures and regulations.


Safeguarding the workplace begins with our staff and client teamwork and leadership, everyone has the authority and obligation to stop any work if believed to be hazardous in any way. We take every possible preventative and corrective measure to ensure all personnel make it home safely each day.

ADE believes that the proactive identification and control of hazardous conditions, in combination with education and engineering we can prevent accidents, property damage and lost time from occurring. We recognize to reach these goals not only through management but a long with the full participation by our employees we will create the safest, most efficient environment possible. We have comprised the following hazard recognition programs to assist in eliminating these risks.


  • Regular Safety Meetings: Safety meetings are an important aspect for Health and Safety Program. Regular meetings help maintain safety awareness and ensure that all safety and health concerns are brought to the table to be discussed, and resolved.

  • Pre-Checks: At the beginning of day drill operators are required to perform a pre-operational check of critical items on the rigs to detect any defective or worn components which could lead to injury or equipment damage. Corrective action will be taken and recorded.

  • Fit for Work: ADE has implemented a Fit for Work Program to strengthen its commitment to protecting employees and clients from injury while on the job. Policies and program procedures provide a framework for dealing with illegal drug and alcohol use in the workplace. The program includes random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing along with an annual medical monitoring program.

  • Operating Procedures: General operating procedures have been developed for operations highlighting inherent risks and controls. Employees are trained in all safe operating procedures.

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA): Management has comprise a list of all activities that an employee may encounter and developed a Job Safety Analysis sheet that highlights all risks that may be associated with that specific task. These JSA’S address safety and environmental related needs and expectations of all involved in each task before the project starts. By addressing these risks early, a through, safe and coordinated approach can be taken towards a project to safety eliminate all hazards.

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Our management encourages full participation in having a hazard-free environment in the most efficient way possible.

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